Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 84: Dream Architecture

Ever wonder what would happen if you actually got what you wanted in life?
If things went the way you imagined them?
I do.
All the time.
I have taken the habit of pretending all I want has finally occurred.
I allow myself the luxury of feeling thrilled, satisfied and grateful about it.
The Goosebumps.
The butterflies.
The sheer contentment…
I try them all on for size.
I paint an extravagantly detailed picture of it in my mind.
It’s the trick to happiness, me thinks.
To be clearly present in the moment that you want more than anything.
To feel it and know that it can be-- no will be yours.
To tell yourself you are deserving of all this incredible, overwhelming gladness.
And then lose your frustration and feel content with today.
Even if nothing particularly special happens today.
Because the best is yet to come.
Just allow yourself to visualize having it all.
Do it.
Dream a dream.
See every colour.
Taste it.
Make it so crazy awesome that when it happens, it takes even you by surprise.

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