Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 88: 2010: the year in review.

Ahhhh 2010. I’d like to call you the year of extremes. Up and down, and up and down again. Even the world experienced some yin/yang this year. The devastation from the terrible earthquake in Haiti, the disastrous BP oil spill, and then Canada kicking major gold medal ass at the Winter Olympics, and the exuberant, amazing rescue of the Chilean miners helped bring back some hopeful smiles to our faces. My personal year in review? Hmmm. Well, it was the year of happy (vibrant) highs and low (confusing) lows. It really couldn’t seem to make up its mind. It was a mish mash emotionally, spiritually, and physically for me.

Let's see...

I started the year off with terrible stomach problems that had me down to a scary 100 pounds. It magically cured itself by June in time for me to gorge on every type of food and gelato imaginable in Italy (thank you God) giving me back my curves. I really fell in love with food again and have a new found appreciation for healthy eating and proper digestion.

And Italy! Well, my vacation to this spectacular country was a part of the year that I will remember the rest of my lifetime. I met my soul mate and it wasn't a person; it was the city of Rome. It got me reacquainted with my happier self. And kindly introduced me to the world of opportunity that awaits us all if we just allow ourselves to let go and surrender to every new experience. "Come what may." This new catch phrase and attitude, later in the year, allowed fate to turn up at my door. And almost led me to make the absolute best/worst mistake of my life by exposing myself a little too vulnerably. Teaching me again that there is still so much I need to learn, and that heartache teaches the lesson...slowly. But I don’t regret it. Opening your heart is never something to regret. I would do it all again.

It was the 'summer of Arcade Fire concerts' with my nearest and dearest friends. Arcade Fire is the one common musical thread we share (in our very different musical tastes). I have wonderful friends; they're like extra sisters, really. I’m very fortunate for that, and for them. One of us moved away to Columbus, Ohio for a great new career. She got a new place, a new dog, and new boyfriend…new happiness. But she still met up with us in Toronto to dance to Arcade Fire for my birthday. And dancing to AF with my best friends in an ocean of fans (as if we were the only ones there)…well, not much tops that.

Now, I end this year with much of the same confusing duo of emotions. Happy and grateful for all that has happened, and sad to leave some of it behind. What can I say...I'm a dramatic Leo! A fire sign who feels and acts with everything I am made of. Super sentimental.  I do want to note that I’m delighted I took on this crazy 365 day challenge this year (that is 90 days in) because I am forcing myself to get back to the basics of everything I once wanted to be. Sooooo: Thank you, 2010, for this kaleidoscope year. Tomorrow I will discuss 2011. But for today, let’s just tally up 2010's wins.

**The more I think about it (and this is hard to state because there are many) this is my favorite Beatles song. It always lifts me up (must be my love for trumpets) and the words, as simple as they are, kind of blow me away everytime:  “There’s nothing you can do, but you can learn how to be you in time. It’s easy.”
Ain't that the truth.
(My vote is they play this song at midnight instead of the much too somber Auld Lang Syne).**

Happy New Year my sweet, sweet friends.


  1. Tanya - Your writing and your thoughts have enriched my life this year. But your friendship and presence has most of all.

    Happy New Year dear - wishing you all the beautiful and all the love you can stand. :)

  2. Well, who doesn't love the idea of 'all the love you can stand'?

    I wrote a comment back to you yesterday, but it disappeared along with the rest of the year.

    p.s. And ditto on the friendship. :-)