Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 48: You can say anything.

My friend's and I are one movie into our 80's movie marathon. (Perfect flu entertainment, I have great friends). The film was Say Anything. I thought it was hilarious how we all had such a strong reaction to Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack's character). We have such different tastes in men, yet we are all smitten by Lloyd Dobler. He is the unanimous common denominator.

Me: Why do we all love Lloyd Dobler so much?
T: Because he is self aware. And you don't have to wonder what he thinks about you. He's forthcoming.
M: Because he's not real.
C: Because he is genuine. And that's sexy.
Me: Yeah, total sex appeal. I love that he just goes for it. 

And then we watch the famous ghetto blaster scene. As T put it, "the scene that ruined everyone's life." We all screamed at Diane Court, "Get out of bed! You stupid, stupid girl! He is holding up a freakin' ghetto blaster. I mean, c'mon! Those are heavy. There are at least 6 double D batteries in there!" We are mad at her because what an awesome thing for him to do. What a way to say, "Look at me, I'm here and I want you." And she doesn't appreciate it. She turns over in bed and leaves him hanging.

If you're a dude, and you have not had a successful relationship, you should probably watch this movie. We know you are men, and can't always articulate everything. But we love a man who can speak his heart and say anything.  
It's very sexy. 


  1. sexy for those women who can take it. :D

  2. or would I say who are ready to ear it. (sorry for my english)

  3. We can take it. Try us. And if you don't get a positive response, it's just the wrong girl. That might hurt (trust me I know) but we have one life, right? Take the chance.
    If they don't want you, they don't deserve you.

  4. that's exactly what I realised. I'll try it again in a near future... if there is the right woman to take it :)