Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 31: on being rich

It’s funny.
Every job I’ve ever worked has had me amongst the very wealthy.
The very, very wealthy.
I get an intimate glimpse into a world where money is never a worry.
Never something to stress over. Can you imagine?
I learn their tastes.
And sometimes (because they’ve all been remarkably generous) I taste their tastes.
Caviar, champagne, vintage wines, gourmet meals, rare cigars…
Then after all of that, I drive home from work (usually late) to my humble 3 ½ flat.
That I love, actually.
I curl up on the couch in comfy clothes, get under my handmade quilt, and pay my (many) bills online.
My favourite thing to eat is a peanut butter and banana bagel.
My vintage drink of choice is a hot cup of jasmine tea.
That makes me happy.
And is rich in its own way.


  1. That is a realization money cannot buy, my dear. Not that I'd mind the freedom of a life where money was "not a worry", but it's invaluable to appreciate what you have and where you are. I don't think that's a trait or habit you can just put on like a jacket if you find yourself with money someday. You know?

    You're a good soul, and I'm loving this blog. Thanks for reminding me to count the already-here treasures. xo

  2. If your blog didn't arrive at the conclusion that it did, I would have lured it there in this comment, but alas, there is nothing more to say.

  3. This post is richer than caviar...