Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 43: Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Your articles moved me. And after reading them, I’m feeling extraordinarily changed... and very aware. It’s almost as though I were asleep all these years, and now I’m awake. You did that. You helped blossom this awakening. All your well constructed sentences built authentic paragraphs into multifaceted mirrors. You and your words showed me myself. And so now, I don’t have to wonder anymore about who I am. I just know.
I know as though I’ve always known.

This knowledge comes at a price, and not without some sadness. Even the butterfly must grieve the safety and shelter of her cocoon when it’s her turn to fly away. But inspiration was the gift of this transformation you offered me. My wings will not allow me to hide away. And I cherish you for that…human to human.
Butterfly to butterfly.




  1. Let me guess - this was to Playgirl Magazine right?

  2. The suspense is killing me. Please reveal what articles these are!