Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 55: Just a dream. Happy Thoughts.


I've just awoken from a really horrifying nightmare and my mind seems incapable of settling down to sleep again. My eyes are heavy but my heart is still pounding much too fast. I actually woke up gasping in the seated position, drenched in sweat. Movie styles. Felt like someone was choking me. Everything was dark and the shadows seemed thick and ominous, the after effects of a very vivid, disturbing nightmare. Where did that come from?

Turn on all the lights.
Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.
Wash my face.
Drink a tall glass of water, leaning against the kitchen counter.
Listen to the creepy creaking of the floors in my apartment (even though it's just me here).
Try not to let my mind flashback to what was just a dream.
Just a dream.
Turn the heat up a notch.
Get back into bed.
Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.
Write it down.
Just a dream.
Just a dream.

1 comment:

  1. I had a dream this same night that I won $500000. I woke up with your same words, but in more of an interrogatory (nice word) tone rather than declarative:

    just a dream????!!!????