Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 44: Hey you-Flu!

Hey you- Flu. I have a bone to pick with you.
What's your problem? Are you mad at me or something?
First, you arrive uninvited right when I want to get to sleep, and expect me to stay up talking with you about nonsense until my throat is so dry it hurts.
Then you play with the heating switch, making it cold and humid in my bedroom, and just when I get sort of comfortable (with extra blankets and socks) you spike it up and leave me drenched in sweat. 
That’s awfully immature.  
Hey! Come back here, Mister!
Why are you snickering?
You hid the tissue paper, didn’t you? I knew it was you!
I have to use this same gross wet one because I’m too weak to get up from bed to search for another box.
And why do I feel bruised all over?
Did you hit me while I was sleeping?
My god! What’s wrong with you?!
My head is throbbing and my body feels like I wrestled you to the ground. I’m a bit foggy from the drugs I’m taking to sleep (and avoid you) so I can’t exactly recollect the match, but surely I lost.
What the hell did I ever do to you? 
Quit picking on me.
I gotta hide that extra key so you don’t show up here again.
You’re not a very nice house guest, Flu. Just sayin’.


  1. I had the flu already this year and then got the flu shot (yeah, that makes sense) and then got sick again. Joy.

    Hey, great blog here. I enjoyed stopping by.

  2. Thanks, David.
    I'd shake your hand but mine's covered in sneeze.
    (And thanks for dropping by, I love new faces!!)

  3. I know the feeling, Mr. Flu loves coming over to our place. I think he enjoys our company!