Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 52: Ex's and...Oh's (a discussion)

You know the feeling. You get some news about the Ex.
You find out they are doing well--no, ridiculously well.
And you need to tell someone.

Because, well, you're not really able to be pleased about it (just sayin').
I'd like to introduce my guest blogger for this post: sideproject.

Discussion: The Ex.

sideproject: Ex’s are never supposed to be OK. They are supposed to wallow in sadness forever, contemplating what they did wrong to sabotage your relationship; usually resulting in them realizing that the whole break up fiasco was entirely their fault. They should feel guilty and never be able to love the same way again, right? Amen. Ex’s are not ever supposed to thrive, be successful, lose weight, look great, or god forbid- get over you. That would just be wrong.

365 Attempts: But why does it never play out that way? Why have most of my exes happily met "the one" soon after I broke up with them?  And why do they now own property when they were consistently broke when we were together? When you run into that particular Ex (you know the one, the one you think maybe was a mistake leaving) accidentally at a bar; you kind of want them to have those "I Miss You" eyes, and not the awkward glance in the direction of the pretty (younger) girl beside them and say, "Hi there, you! Let me introduce you to...”  Why do they get to ‘have it together’?

sideproject: True dat, true dat. It’s all about not being able to stay stuck. Dumpee’s are never allowed to be stuck in a rut after being dumped.  Society propels them to ‘move on’ and ‘get over it’ almost instantaneously. Dumpee’s have too much support around them, that’s why they end up being successful. The whole world feels bad for them and henceforth dedicates itself to boosting their confidence level with compassionate words about how great they are and destructive words about how horrible we are. Our society only supports the broken hearted. We have conditioned Dumpee’s to never look back. There’s no love for those who do the breaking. We- the Dumper’s- are loathed and banished to guilty conscience and second guessing for all of eternity. Murphy’s Law. We were the ones who made the first confident move, and they are the ones that reap the benefits.

365 Attempts: I bet you anything Murphy was a Dumpee.

sideproject: It's the only way it makes sense.


  1. Sooooo shallow. If you break a heart, you should want them to move on. Yes, I miss my ex, and it's been over half a year, but why on earth do want to wish pain? So many things I regret, I want her back. My name is Aeden's, i'm a neurotic introvert who messed up. I'd be happy if my ex found someone. Heartbroken, but actually happy because it sucks living with regret

  2. I don't think anyone is talking about wishing anyone pain here. It's two close friends candidly discussing parts of our past with some bruised egos.
    Take it with a grain of salt, buddy.

  3. Actually, you did you eternally damned your ex to a life of wallowing in regret over their own wrongs. A relationship is not about one person, it's about two. If they go on and meet the one then be happy for them. They might break up anyway. Besides, you'll probably meet mr. Right soon enough anyways. Allot of the world is single and sad. Love hurts like hell. If a relationship sucks, it's a mutual thing