Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 54: Another day.

Another day, another blank page. I’m so lucky to have both. It seems so unreasonably unfair to me the amount of people who do not get that today. There are cancerous monsters roaming all the lands claiming countless victims in a variety of forms, stealing their days.
We each know people who have encountered this ugly, merciless beast and there is not much we can do to stop it from hurting others. With all the chaos and fighting going on in the world today, has the gravity of this war against cancer been underestimated? The casualties are much too high. Every creed, every race, every age has been targeted. Our governments send money and troops to fight wars abroad; but what about the mindless weapons of mass destruction that explode in our hearts and lives when a friend or relative dies from cancer AGAIN.  
It is rampant.
It is everywhere.
Is there nothing more that can be done by our leaders to help advance the necessary science to understand this silent, wicked enemy? So we can fight back with the same vigour we do wars in the Middle East?
Maybe I am too naive. But I have also been to too many funerals.

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