Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 2: Once Upon a Wednesday Night...

Tonight I took my young niece to see the Disney on Ice show: “Princesses and Heroes”. After watching for two hours the way her eyes lit up seeing ‘happily ever after’ play out on the ice, I fear my poor niece is in danger of becoming a lot like me.

When I was about seven, my father came home from a business trip with a heavy hardcover collection of fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson and company. There were no pictures, just the ones I could create with my mind. Oh man, I worshipped that book! I would hide away in my room all evening reading every story, and then start over again. I loved all the fantastical magic, the romance (sometimes only after cruel transfiguration or torment) that always led to happy resolutions and just rewards.

How do you tell a wide eyed, imaginative, little girl that it doesn’t always turn out that way?

Conversation while walking back to the car (keep in mind she is only 5):

Me: What does happily ever after mean?

Her: It means you’re married.

Me: Oh. Ok. Can you not be married and still live happily ever after?

Her: No, that’s not a good story.

Me (eyebrows lift...and under my breath): Wow. Ok.

Her: Are you ever going to get married?

Me: I don’t know.

Her: Yeah, you have to find someone first. It’s a lot of work.

Me: What is?

Her (no word of a lie she said this): To find your happily ever after. Now can we stop talking about this?

Me: Yes, we sure can. Who is your favourite of all the princesses we saw tonight?

Her: Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Me: Why?

Her: ‘Cause she reads.

(Thatta girl!)


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