Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 12: Shhhhhhhh...

Silence is golden. It’s true. When it's quiet enough to hear the fridge humming and the leaves blowing up against my window… Mmmmm, nothing is better. For a girl who talks (maybe too much) quiet is something I crave more than sunshine.

I often wonder why we all feel the need to fill up this silence. We are so wired to always be turned on or tuned in. It has become uncommon to just be silent. I’m not only referring to when we are alone. For me, being in a quiet space with someone listening to nothing and everything together (while reading, writing or cooking etc…) is peace. It’s a special brand of magic to do that comfortably, and not feel you have to say anything.

Yet we do- all the time. We say things. When we have the chance for quiet; we keep the dialogue going. I wonder why that is?

There’s nothing special about today, really. It’s a grey afternoon. But it’s warm here, it smells like coffee and it is deliciously quiet. I can hear my thoughts, I can be aware of them, I can feel them. So, for a little while, I choose to stop moving, to stop thinking, to stop analyzing, and to stop this dialogue. I choose to be still.

Be still with me.

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