Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 11: boxes

Boxes, everywhere boxes.
You’d think I was moving somewhere. But I’m not.
I am not moving to any place new. I’m cozy and somewhat settled in.
Just surrounded by a bunch of boxes.
A few black boxes, one or two white boxes, a million grey ones…
And, of course, a striking shiny red box that I have never opened.
It’s so well wrapped.
Possibly too well wrapped to open.
The closest I’ve come, is bringing it down from the attic and laying it there on the table next to all my cards.
I have a strong feeling about what’s inside it. I think I know, but then maybe I don’t.
I suppose upon better inspection, it is red and grey. Darker shades of hurricane-cloud grey.
I’m pretty sure it’s fragile, so I handle it carefully when I put it back on the shelf.
And it sits there, still.
It’s getting kind of crowded in here with all these boxes.
Boxes, everywhere boxes.